The world’s best-sounding Youtube channel

It’s a great honor to finally be able to do an interview with 19Bozzy92! I have been watching and enjoying his channel for years now, at first just for the joy of the sounds, and now occasionally as reference for sounds I’m not intimately familiar with. This interview took a few attempts and crossed a language barrier to make happen, so please enjoy!
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180 dB, 300 MPH, and Nitro: the ESPN NHRA crew is amazing.

After quite a complicated road of connections through various media, I finally had a chance to interview with perhaps the most fascinating motorsports production crew on television – ESPN’s NHRA drag racing crew. Tim “Toast” Record is the man in charge and also the man answering my questions. I’ll let him take it away. Continue reading

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Project CARS, iRacing, and so much more – Greg Hill

Soundwave ConceptsIt’s an honor to have Greg Hill back again! He might be the busiest man in car audio still, if you didn’t already catch that from his first interview. This time, we got to catch up on the improvements to iRacing, the upcoming Project CARS, and something new you’re going to want to check out. Continue reading

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FMOD Studio 1.2 comes with a new demo…

…And I put it together! In it, you will find the Kickstarted 190E recording as well as a lawnmower, as well as some examples of various foley and VO. It even features some gun recordings from the extraordinary Frank Bry. So do go check out the updated version and examples, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me!

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Sounds from Road America and What Else Is New

Hey all!

Just wanted to share what I’ve been up to since my last post in June.
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It’s all about /DRIVE – JF Musial!

If you’ve never been to before, you’re definitely missing out. /DRIVE is a sort of hub of automotive media, with many offshoot segments covering every aspect of cars you can think of. Between Chris Harris’s car reviews, Leo Parente’s racing commentary, and Matt Farah’s segment on driving modified cars, the /DRIVE network covers every motoring avenue you can think of! Add in a weekly talkshow with Mike Spinelli, a muscle car focused series with Mike Musto, plus a few more segments about varying topics and you have one endless collection of car videos to enjoy. (And in case you were wondering, yes, I have watched them all.) Producer JF Musial shared some thoughts with me, on the network and on sound, and now I’d like to share them with you.
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Forza Motorsport 5 is Announced!

I’m very proud to announce that my first game, Forza Motorpsort 5, has been publicly announced! You can watch the teaser trailer below, or look forward to more news at E3 in a couple weeks’ time.

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Simbin’s “God of Thunder” Anthony Monteil!

SimBin’s Race Room Racing Experience, or R3E for short, has recently gone public-beta and already the footage is showing up on Youtube, sounding great. SimBin has been a leader on the sonic front in the past, and I’m glad to say that’s no different moving forward.
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Why 2013 will be a great year for cars

2013 is already here, and the future so far is looking great. There are a number of great things coming from the automotive world, and many of them are going to provide an interesting change to the soundscape of the roads. I thought I might share a few of these with you, and why they will be important too.
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Kill Screen: Forza Horizon Audio

Check out the Turn 10 audio team talking about how cars make sound, and how those sounds are made into games!

Bonus points if you caught my thumbs up at 2:31!

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