My favorite car sound…

As you know, in all of my interviews I always ask my guests what their favorite sounding car is. I do find the answers fascinating. However, it’s dawned on me that I’ve never shared my personal favorite sounding car. So, I present to you… Reto Meisel’s Judd V8-powered Mercedes-Benz 190.

Why do I love this car so much? First, I love the boxy 80′s styling of the 190e. (That’s why I bought one.) And Reto’s lowered, flared, winged version simply amplifies that crazy look. Second, there’s something truly harmonious about that Judd V8. It’s got a high frequency not found on many other V8′s, but it shouts that it is headed your way so GTFO and I love that. It is throaty and visceral and especially at the 2:18 mark in the above video (or the :52 mark in the video below) where the Doppler Effect hits right at the top of the rev range followed by the onslaught of white-noisey exhaust rasp and auto-gain camera duct blends into a perfect display of power and angst.

Truly awesome.

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