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I originally found this at Reddit’s r/forza, though it has also been posted on the forums recently as well. In either case, Brian Beckman, the physicist behind Forza’s tire model, gives an incredible hour-long presentation on the complications of the physics system behind the tires. Note that this is from 2007 which would be about the time of Forza 2. He includes quite a bit of math, and some interesting analogies to flight simulators as well. There’s also a great blend between the real-world physics models of a tire, and how that gets condensed into something an xbox can chew on. While there’s not any direct tie-in to sound, when you combine some of the parameters he discusses with the tire-based concepts Nick talked about yesterday, it’s amazing to see just how complex and integreated the entire system is.

The “video” below is audio only and requires silverlight, sorry! But you can also listen to it as an .mp3. Special thanks to Channel 9 for the original interview!

You can also view the entire presentation as a PDF or word document.

I’d be really interested to hear what Brian has to say with the new Pirelli-Turn 10 partnership over Forza 4, and if any major changes have come by.

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