Updates from Greg Hill


I owe Greg a huge thanks for being one of the first interviewees on TTA here! The original article has had over a thousand readers. We touched base very briefly today and he says he’s doing very well!

GH: Simraceway uses an older audio system but I’m trying to pull the best out of it I can. Plus it helps that I have audio director status and get to do things my way, plus a good budget for vehicle recording.

rFactor 2 audio is shaping up as well.


iRacing are upgrading their audio as well and have now given me mixing tools so I can control the influence of the physics parameters on audio a bit more. The system still needs work but when the new build rolls out tomorrow the members are in for a treat. For every throttle input, engine load and RPM there is a sonic response so acceleration, cruising and deceleration are completely separate sets of sounds for both incar and external views.

It’s great to hear the sim world is getting a boost in the audio departments! I had the treat of trying out Simraceway’s demo at GDC this year and was impressed with the wheel layout and the online system. It is the newest of the three but seems to also be growing the fastest. I’m also really excited to hear the new sounds from iRacing! (Whichever one of these sims releases an OSX version first gets my money!)

Thanks Greg for keeping in touch!

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