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I’ve been rather focused on getting the kickstarter project up, finalizing things for the race car sound study releasing on May 1st, and starting my new job at Nerd Patrol Online that I haven’t had a chance to write about some really, really cool things that have happened over the past week.

The first and most awesome is Rabbit Ears Audio’s publishing of the REA010 Hind Helicopter recordings. Michael had the fantastic opportunity of thoroughly documenting the sounds created by the Hind soviet helicopter, which makes some really, really cool rotor sounds. He also stated that the switches and toggles were his favorite bits and I have to agree, they’re really cool.
Give the sample a listen, but be sure to stop at his page for more info or to pick up your copy!

Switches & Foley:

In Flight:

Truth in 24
Audi presented an absolutely fabulous documentary on the 2008 24 Hours of LeMans race. It covers everything from drivers’ perspectives throughout the race to engineering and also has some great audio clips. The best part, it is FREE ON ITUNES! so take 90 minutes to enjoy it.
Well, Audi has announced that they’re making a sequel, Truth in 24 II, covering the 2011 race. *spoiler!* The race saw Audi crashing out 2 of their cars, in what is probably the most memorable and action-packed 24 Hours of LeMans race in recent history. And just today, the trailer has been released. So, for your viewing pleasure:

No release date has been announced yet but when it is I’ll let you know! I might even have a viewing party for the Minnesotans, if there’s interest.

Lucchini SR2
Lastly for today, I wanted to post this video that turned up on Mulsanne’s Corner‘s facebook group. The car is a Lucchini SR2, supposedly powered by a Nissan V6 that is probably very similar to that used in SuperGT or GT500. What’s remarkable is the quality of the audio and just how much character was captured.

Way cool! If you’re a race team or a car manufacturer, please include more sound in your media clips like this! Sound is a very defining characteristic of the car and really ups the impression of power.

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