Cool New Things


I mentioned this a while back, but Truth in 24 II is now available on iTunes for FREE! Take 90 minutes out of your busy day and watch it! If you missed part one, it’s right here.
Truth in 24 II Cover

Second, I want to extend my thanks to Ben Wedge, who has donated some ad space on Alex Champkin‘s Clubman’s Cup car to TTA! Good luck out there Alex! I hope Ben’s aerodynamics work proves beneficial to you! He’s currently sitting 3rd in the points after 3 rounds of the 12 round season.

You can almost read it!
(You can almost read it!) Photo credit Paul Jackson.

Hope you’re enjoying TTA week on Creating Sound, and looking forward to the Kickstarter work! Another $250 and I can hire some professional videographers!

Oh, DiRT: Showdown is now available. I played the demo a bit and it sounds great, but gameplay is quite arcade-y. Sorry CM but I’m saving my pennies for F1 2012 and DiRT 4 and GRID 2!

Also, Porsche has returned to Forza today, so if you need me I’ll be enjoying some Carrera GT sounds online.

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