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It’s time again for things on the ‘net!

First and foremost, Azimuth Audio appears to be doing research for an upcoming vehicle session, and has been posting said research here on his blog. Great resource, some stuff on bikes and on other vehicles in there as well.

A look at some upcoming racing games that have me excited:
Forza Horizons (Oct 23)

This looks to be similar to the Test Drive Unlimited series in terms of “open world” playability, but with the same physics engine that underlies the Motorsports series. Should be interesting, if nothing else.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Oct 30)

Good to see the NFS franchise getting back to its roots on this one. This game is developed by Criterion and published by EA (I think that’s how the relationship is working at least), not sure who all is involved on the audio side over there yet.

F1 2012 (??) — no official trailer or preview yet, but this is some action from the E3 demo (also a first look at the new Austin, TX track):

F1 Race Stars (November):

This looks like F1 meets Mario Kart. Would be a great split-screen party game, kind of like Mario Kart.

Cool Car Videos:
Another cool video, this is Codemasters asking people in F1 what they think about F1: the game vs. F1: the reality.

V16 vs V12 vs V10 F1 sounds: a sound battle.

Goodwood 2012 Preview video:

I think I might do a separate post on videos with cool sounds from Goodwood.

2012 Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro sounds:

This account is chock full of videos from thier “pure sound” series, which all feature car sounds with no music or junk over top of it. They appear to be well-recorded, too. Would love to chat with the creator(s?) sometime. In this video, the hybrid diesel is heard in the rain at Monza — note how quiet it is.

Kickstarter Update:
All of the sounds recorded from the dyno recording session have been edited and organized. I just need to finish off the foley stuff and that’ll be done too. I shipped out T-shirts yesterday as well, with more than half going to Europe, which I hadn’t realized a fair few of my readers were from. The shirts are printed on grey and are “limited edition” and extra awesome.
Oh, the video is also finished. Here ‘ya go!

Thanks to Matt and Dave at Angled Lines for the awesome work!

Writer’s Block:
I seem to have hit a lull in things to talk about, car-sound-wise. So, if there is some topic or some person you’d like me to go after for the next post, please comment or email me (or catch me on twitter!) with your ideas and requests.

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