New job! WOOOOO!


I wanted to wait a bit to announce this since I just finished my ALMS experience post, but I just can’t contain the excitement anymore. I’ve been given an amazing opportunity as a Contract Vehicle Audio Designer with Turn 10 Studios! I start on Sept. 17th and will be moving to the Redmond area in the beginning of the month. So, to everyone who has helped make Track Time Audio an excellent source for vehicle audio, and for encouraging my passion, thank you so much!

Regarding TTA’s future, I am allowed to continue to write and post so long as I adhere to my job non-disclosure agreements. Also, it will be unfortunately more awkward to get interviews from other studios, however my hope is that TTA has become a large enough asset to the sound community that such awkwardness could be avoided.

Since I’ll be moving half way across the country, if anyone could help out in the hunt for housing in the Redmond area, please shoot me an email!

And with that, here are some funny pictures of me in action from Road America, courtesy of Ben.
Don't touch my microphone.

GT Qualifying

PA is louder than the trans am cars :\

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