Hello from Redmond!


A view from the driver's seat, 20 miles west of Spokane
Finally I have found the time to post up that I am, in fact, alive and well and have survived the long trek out to Redmond.

Here are some facts/stats from the trip:
Actual miles driven: 1663.0
Gallons of fuel burnt: approx. 65.5
Average MPG: 25.39 (NOT good, last freeway trip I averaged 29)
Total driving time (including stops): 24h 13 min
Longest non-stop stint: 4h 13 min
Average speed (including stops): 68.3 mph
Average speed minus construction and stops: 82.2 mph

Number of hotel stops: 1
Number of coffees: 0
Number of cans of soda: 1
Number of vitamin waters: 7
Number of goldfish crackers eaten: approx. 275
Number of fast food stops: 2
Number of radio stations tuned to: 17
Number of country radio stations skipped by: approx. 37
Number of hours NPR listened to: 5
Number of police officers seen: 7
Number of SD cards used for GoPro: 9

Speaking of the GoPro, I recorded a time lapse of as much of the drive as possible, which can be watched below. The entirety of the trip was condensed down to 7:39. Given the distance, the speed of the video averages to 13,043 MPH. I did struggle with battery and card life on occasion, though, so especially on Day 1 there are some missing chunks.

So how was it? Well, I really don’t want to do it again. Staying awake and alert and entertained enough to press on became very challenging. I have an even deeper respect now for endurance racers who, albeit with shift changes to other drivers, can keep focused and alert and still drive competitively for 24 straight hours (or more!). It was my ambition and my hopes for this new adventure that motivated me to keep going, and without that I would have taken significantly longer.

My new apartment is quite small but for just me it’ll work fine. I’m about 80% moved in, just need to acquire little things now like dish washer soap and shower curtain hangers.

I did get to swing into the office and meet Nick and the rest of the crew on Wednesday, and I’ve got to say… this position is going to be amazing. I had to pinch myself after a couple hours to make sure it was really happening. Obviously I can’t talk about what’s going on, but I am very excited for the challenges ahead. I actually feel a little weird sitting here in my apartment as I’d rather be getting to work.

I have a pair of articles in mind for news I missed while driving, but the biggest is that the F1 2012 demo is now available on xbox live and (I presume) on Playstation so get out there and try it! The release is scheduled for Sept. 21st and I’ll definitely be picking this one up. Fair warning: it’s hard to drive with a controller.

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