RSAudio Opens Its Doors!


RSAudio LogoI have the pleasure of announcing the launch of RSAudio, the brainchild of Richard Simpson in the UK. Richard started his recording project endeavors at about the same time that I was working on my Kickstarter project. We’ve been discussing back and forth since then about techniques that worked, things that didn’t, and Richard even published the results from his survey about how car sound packs are used. It’s really awesome to see that he’s come to completion on this! Richard’s first sound pack release is of a Renault Clio (if I had to guess I’d say it’s a 2007?). It sounds like he’s gone fully comprehensive on this and included foley as well. He’s even got a comical little demo clip to go along with it:

Check out his work and his pack, or follow him on twitter/facebook, but definitely keep an eye out on RSAudio and congratulate him on the new endeavor!

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