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It’s a great honor to finally be able to do an interview with 19Bozzy92! I have been watching and enjoying his channel for years now, at first just for the joy of the sounds, and now occasionally as reference for sounds I’m not intimately familiar with. This interview took a few attempts and crossed a language barrier to make happen, so please enjoy!

TTA: First off, what is it about the sounds of cars that you find so inspiring?

Bozzy: I really don’t know, but ever since I was a child I’ve loved cars, motorbikes, trucks, airplanes (every kind of vehicle to be honest) and sometimes I was fascinated by their sounds, but I didn’t know (and I still don’t know nowadays) why. I try to explain it like you have in your DNA some particular genes that make you to appreciate some sounds that other people may hate or be indifferent to.

TTA: What was the inspiration for starting a youtube channel dedicated to car sounds?

Bozzy: I opened my Youtube channel in 2007 (when I was 15) but until January 2009 I didn’t upload any videos because I hadn’t had any camcorder at home (just an hold Sony recording on tape). In those 2 years I watched hundreds of videos about supercar sounds substantially and this inspired me to find a way to record the cars I saw.

So for Christmas 2008 I managed to convince my mom to buy me a camcorder. I started filming cars and (even if I had not caught their sound) uploading videos on Youtube. I discovered 8 months later that I had to focus on car sounds when I uploaded the video of the 2009 F1 free practice sessions at Monza and I noticed that many people commented the video thanking me for having uploaded a video in which you could hear quite perfectly the F1 sound without TV commentators talking etc.

TTA: Many other youtube channels feature cars, but often cover the sound with music or only have brief snippets of raw car sound. How did you come to the decision to make “pure sound” recordings?

Bozzy: As I said before, the first general idea started late in 2009 during that F1 Italian GP. The idea of “pure sound” I’d say it started in 2010 during a collective test of the Peugeot 908 LMP1 and the Audi R15 Plus LMP1 cars.

So I made an argument thinking about that video about F1 cars: “those diesel prototypes are so silent that of course you could barely even hear them on TV, and on track their sound is surmounted by all the others gasoline-powered cars; now I have the possibility to record their sound purely, without any disturbances”.

Then I saw I had a great possibility of make “pure sound” videos thanks to the quantity of test days and events here in Monza.

TTA: For a given video you produce, how much time on average do you spend editing clips together?

Bozzy: Considering only the editing I assume around 1 hour and a half on average, varying from the 30 minutes for a video of around 2 minutes and 2-3 hours for a video of 10 minutes (depending on how long and how many scenes I edit together)

TTA: Do you do all your filming alone or do you work with a crew? If you work alone, how do you get your rally coverage of the same car from multiple places on the course?

Bozzy: Yes, I’m always alone. Talking about rally events, here in Italy most of them are called “Ronde”. This kind of rally events are a bit different than a normal rally: in a normal rally you have different special stages in different places of a geographical area (the “negative” thing is that the organizers have to spend lots of money on security, race officials, closing different roads and so the prices to take part at the rally are very high). In a Ronde rally you have just one stage (like an hillclimb) that the participants have to do usually 4 times (four special stages at different times with the various route transfers and time tables to be respected). This helps to save money on all sides and it also helps me to take some videos of the same car from 4 different points.

TTA: What sort of equipment do you use to capture your recordings?

Bozzy: For my first 200 videos, more or less, I used a little Canon FS100, which had a quite good audio quality and reach of bass but a horrible video quality (it wasn’t even hd). Now I’m using a Canon Legria HF M46 with the Canon DM-100 external microphone. But today I’ve just received my new purchase: a Canon Legria HF G30.

TTA: Did any particular system work exceptionally well or exceptionally poorly?

Bozzy: Yes and no. (Talking about the M46 in particular) As a Canon user I have to say I’m very satisfied with the audio quality of those camcordera, both for the external microphone and the built-in too. Another positive quality is the zoom controller button which is very progressive and intuitive.

I’m not very satisfied with the night quality, but I can’t complain too much ‘cause my first two cameras aren’t the best of the Canon market. Not totally satisfied with the stabilizer too but that’s probably because I haven’t a very steady hand. The really bad thing of my first two Canon camcorders is the wide angle, really really bad.

(Updated today: the G30 is really an AMAZING camcorder, just tried at home a bit and it has a fantastic wide angle and a very good low light quality. As I was expecting the G30 is from another segment and its high price is totally justified. I think I’ll be really happy to make videos with this camcorder)

TTA: How long was your channel running before traffic started to pick up? Is your channel self-sustaining now?

Bozzy: About 3 and a half years. Yes, now the channel is self-sustaining.

TTA: I notice most of your videos are recorded on tracks or locations around Italy. Do you think Italy is the best place for capturing car sounds? If you got go visit anywhere else in the world to shoot videos, where would you want to go?

Bozzy: Well I think Italy it’s a good country for filming cars on great tracks such as Monza, Imola, Mugello and many others, but in the last 2 years the events are losing a bit of great cars and amount of participants (I think most of it is caused by the economical problems and high taxes of our country).

But if one day I had the chance I’d like to go to Japan for recording those crazy time attack/drifting cars (and for street cars too) and the amazing events and championship. Another place I want to go is in the USA because I really want to see and feel that fantastic atmosphere during races you can find only in the States and see real dragsters and some race from the NASCAR of Indycar championship.

TTA: Of all the videos you’ve made, which are you the most proud of? Which do you think sounds the best?

Bozzy: I love two videos I made, one about the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 FL2:

And one about the 2012 Rally di Como:

My best sounding one is my last “Best Cars Sounds Vol. 5” compilation:

TTA: What’s your favorite sounding car of all time?

Bozzy: I definitely think my favourite one is the Lamborghini Murciélago GT1. The problem is that I’ve never seen one in my life!. So talking about the cars I’ve seen, I’d say the two ones (and only ones) that gave me the goosebumps every time I heard them: Ferrari FXX and F1 V10s.

TTA: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened while you were filming? The scariest?

Bozzy: Well, in those years nothing really funny or scary has happened while filming. But the most funny moments were the accelerations/burnouts under one of the two tunnels (subways) at Monza Circuit at the end of a Speed Day event (Sunday trackdays hold at Monza Circuit during the winter season).

A few years ago a thing that really scared me, but it happened when I wasn’t filming, was watching the bikers coming out the Ascari bend. They were really lying on the ground and it seemed to me that sooner or later someone would have fallen, but luckily it didn’t happen.

TTA: And lastly, what’s the best way for readers to get ahold of you?

Bozzy: First of all I suggest you to check my channel on Youtube and then if you like my video,s you should subscribe in order to always be updated on my new videos. Then, you can also find me:
on Flickr, where you can find some photos I make during the events;
on Facebook, a page that I’ve opened recently, where above all I want to talk/share photos/news about the motorsport world;
on Google+ where I just share my Youtube videos and Flickr photos.

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