About David

David became fascinated by cars very early, spending a large part of his youth sitting on the porch listening to cars go by, or playing with Lego vehicles. However, as he grew older, his passion shifted more toward music, taking up piano lessons. He traded the ivories for drumsticks when he discovered life as a teenager, but quickly realized he was less interested in playing them as he was in recording them. After sinking many months’ allowance into some microphones and a recording interface, he realized sound was his real calling.

When it came time to consider finding a career, he discovered Michigan Tech’s sound design, B.A. offering and was immediately interested. His work there included music recording and production, film work with the Cin/Optic Enterprise, and theatrical sound design. He also met quite a few car enthusiasts, working with the Formula SAE team and spending many early Sunday mornings watching Formula One with roommates. There, the two passions collided and formed the vehicular sound designer he is today.